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  • Visualise: Analyse your instance usage and costs across all major public and private clouds and view costs by department, application, and user.
  • Forecast: Plan for future growth by using historical consumption to run what-if scenarios for accurate forecasting.
  • Optimise: Take action on the results of your analysis through RightScale Cloud Management to eliminate waste, leverage reserved instances, and implement budget controls.

Call us for Cloud Analytics cloud cost management, you'll also get a free trial of RightScale Cloud Management so you can take action on your insights and better manage your cloud-based applications.

RightScale Cloud Analytics is a very important first step in integrating cloud analytics with cloud management across public and private clouds — a true analytics platform for cloud computing.

RightScale Pricing

With regards to pricing and Offis' RightScale Cloud Management Platform service offering, we offer to the Australian market, low cost access to all of the available functionality of the leading cloud management platform starting from $0.12 per VM/instance hour for fully automated, provisioned workloads. Furthermore, we don’t complicate matters with lock-in contracts, service limitations around numbers of users, number of cloud accounts or minimum usage steps. By comparison, we aim to offer quality service wrapped around a simple ‘go-to-market’ model with highly competitive pricing…..why not give us a call.

Visualise all your Cloud Costs

Cloud Analytics provides visibility into cloud usage and costs for all your clouds and accounts. Start by looking at overall trends by month, week, day and hour. Dive deep into costs by application, department, team or even down to individual servers.

With Multi-Cloud Analytics you can:

  • Gain insight into cloud spend by business unit, department and team.
  • Drill down on cloud costs for each application to understand capacity trends.
  • Uncover seasonal patterns or changes in usage triggered by specific events.

Develop Forcasts and Budgets for Cloud Costs

Successfully managing your cloud costs requires an accurate picture of what will happen in the future. With Cloud Analytics Scenario Builder, you can easily forecast cloud costs based on current usage, historical trends, and future expectations.

Scenario Builder enables you to:

  • Forecast usage growth for current applications and create budgets for prospective cloud applications.
  • Create realistic budgets for each department and application team.
  • Build alternate scenarios to evaluate different clouds, data centers, instance types and reserved instance purchase options.

Optimise Your Spend and Reduce Wasts

The variable cost model of cloud computing introduces significant opportunities for savings, but also requires new approaches to minimise waste and optimise spend. Users often overprovision capacity or forget to decommission temporary resources.

With Cloud Analytics you can:

  • Analyse the costs of different cloud providers and instance types.
  • Find opportunities to reduce costs with alternate purchase options, such as purchasing reserved instances.
  • Respond proactively with alerts when projected or actual costs exceed budgets.

Automate Chargeback and Showback Reports

In the pay-as-you-go variable cost model of cloud, controlling costs requires frequent, automated reporting. Schedule automated reports to show users their up-to-date cloud usage and costs. Leverage chargeback reports to allocate costs to the appropriate departments or business units.

With Multi-Cloud Analytics you can:

  • Get automated reports via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Quickly identify and diagnose unexpected activity.
  • Leverage tags and detailed information about users and applications to chargeback costs to the appropriate departments or business units.

Key Benefits

  • Gain visibility across your cloud portfolio.
  • Show-back and chargeback by application, department and team.
  • Build future cost forecasts and create budgets.
  • Implement budget controls
  • Explore alternate purchase options to reduce costs.
  • Control access with enterprise-grade controls
  • Take action on insights using the Cloud Management Platform

Offis has been a RightScale partner since 2014 and is the exclusive ANZ Training Partner, giving businesses increased agility and control across multiple clouds via a single online platform.

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