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Pepper Homeloans: Untangling Infrastructure Issues

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James Henshaw
Pepper Homeloans

They're not just a vendor. They are an extension of our business.

In 2011, Pepper Australia acquired a $5.3b mortgage portfolio from GE. A huge achievement, the acquisition required a large-scale project to migrate infrastructure, software and applications into an already complex IT environment. 

 “Our team virtually doubled and we got lots of new technologies.” These included an i-series server containing various out-dated applications, plus a complex, interlinked infrastructure. Yet Pepper didn’t have the in-house skills to untangle their inheritance into an efficient system. 

Henshaw realised that Pepper needed to outsource the infrastructure to a provider with the skills to manage the project. Instead of choosing one of the larger vendors, Pepper decided to partner with Offis. Henshaw was keen to avoid the business becoming just another number in a customer service system.

 “Throughout the project, there have been areas when we required additional skills. We’ve been able to pick up the phone and [Offis] has always had a subject matter expert able to help.

“They’re not just a vendor. They are an extension of our business.”

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