Support your next pitch with rock-solid infrastructure

Take the technology guesswork out of your next client pitch with a complete infrastructure plan. Offis can answer all of your client hosting questions; from which cloud to use, to costings, security, performance, scalability and management of the infrastructure. 

Scale with each campaign for maximum efficiency

Quickly deploy complete shared or dedicated server environments across your chosen clouds and geographical locations as needed. Each Cloud Application Template can include CDNs, firewalls, load balancers, auto scaling, backup and monitoring services.

Streamlined workflows and integration

An agency's work is never done. There's always a new client, project or update to deliver. Offis can work with your team to design and manage an infrastructure capable of supporting your Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) workflows.

Cloud services that scale and adapt to changes in agency campaigns

No one understands the 'ups and downs' of online traffic better than digital agencies. Requirements can change from month to month. Each new client and each fresh campaign bring new demands and potentially unpredictable results. One month you're burning through resources with a major campaign that's just gone viral, the next you're developing a couple of niche interest websites that will never threaten your hosting limits. 

Why waste budget on extra infrastructure capacity just in case a client project suddenly goes large? We can design a customised, flexible cloud infrastructure that can scale up and down with your changing needs. Automation, instantaneous provisioning and an experienced team mean you will always have the resources you need when it counts!

  • Scalable and flexible enough to fit your changing needs
  • Fully certified for security and performance
  • Rapid response to change requests
  • Application and data management
  • Minimum 99.9% uptime

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