Application Replatforming & Modernisation

To move into the New Technological Revolution, the first step is to replatform / modernise existing apps in your data centre and make them agile. Our automated replatforming solutions make this much easier & enable you to replatform your own apps in your own DC / SDDC or into public cloud.

  • Fast replatforming of monolythic legacy, 3rd party and business apps without refactoring
  • Compatible with VMware SDDC, AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Private clouds
  • Instantly self-provision your own environments into your DC / SDDC or into public cloud

Leaders in Automation

In an ultra-competitive world of high productivity and near-zero marginal cost, automation of the build process and the run are essential. Talk to us about automating any application or complex environment in your DC / SDDC or into public cloud.

  • Provision all your applications and infrastructure in minutes
  • Leverage our information model and automation blueprint generator
  • Increase efficiency and agility, uplift your DevOps and CI/CD capability

Smart Managed Services: Public & Private Clouds

Offis is one of Australia's longest-running managed application service providers, having managed public, private, hybrid and public cloud services for well over a decade. Leverage our self-service portals and leading-edge automation.

  • Expert managed cloud services across AWS, Azure, GCP, Century Link, IBM Cloud, Rackspace
  • SDDCs, PDCs, VPS, Co Lo
  • Cost Optimisation in public cloud

Envisage a more innovative and agile version
of your organisation.

Put Offis Transformation Services, Multi-Cloud Management and Managed Cloud Services to work for you.

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State of the Cloud Report 2019 from Flexera

As Cloud Use Grows, Organizations Focus on Cloud Costs and Governance.

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Enterprise Services

Your Cloud Strategy should be crafted to fit your unique requirements. As a Coud Agnostic provider we play a vital advisory and implementation role, offering deep unbiased infrastructure and cloud services, to look after your interests.

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App Developer Services

We create blueprints (templates) that automate the provisioning of complex IT environments into any cloud in minutes, usable across your entire application lifecycle - dev, testing, staging & production - uplifting your DevOps / CI/CD Capability.

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Offis can help you with 'The Pitch', scalability, user acceptance testing & infrastructure management of your application, campaign, corporate or ecommerce web project. If your campaign goes viral what do you do? Call Offis!

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Offis events represent an unparalleled opportunity to meet and talk with leading professionals in data and
cloud management & implementation. Find ahead-of-the-pack trends, insider knowledge and innovative
ideas: join us!...

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Some of the world's biggest brands rely on Offis for complex multi-cloud infrastructure design, automation and business continuity planning

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Some of the world's biggest brands rely on Offis for complex multi-cloud infrastructure design, automation and business continuity planning