Offis Cloud Services delivers on the promise of managed cloud because we’re part of the most motivated, knowledgeable community of enthusiastic professionals on the web - or off it.

Join Offis, Google, a celebrity Chef and a Cloud expert to cook up a sensational cloud strategy and veritable feast at Googles HQ in Sydney.


Our end of year Xmas event is the Offis eClub Xmas Party

This year’s theme - Future Shock: Are you the Innovator or the Disrupted?

eClub is one of Sydney's premier IT community events series spanning well over a decade and delivering the latest information, insights and discussions with IT industry professionals. eClub Xmas Party combines Offis communities, SkunkMonk and ISV Speakeasy to deliver a gala end of year business event for all to enjoy.


At this year’s ISV SpeakEasy we will have an in-depth discussion on applying Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery process for building better Business Applications. CI/CD can help large organizations become as lean, agile and innovative as startups.