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Our Customers

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We’re proud to work with many established major brands as well exciting and fast-growing smaller businesses. Each customer is very different, with a unique set of needs and challenges. However, they all share a belief that unique challenges require unique solutions, developed by highly specialised experts.

Case Studies

Pepper Homeloans

Dedicated Server Solutions

Faced with untangling a complex legacy infrastructure, Pepper Homeloans chose Offis to provide the necessary expertise.

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Professional Services

SuperChoice can now deliver complex environments including networks, databases, application servers, the whole lot, as often as they want, at the push of a button, to whichever cloud they would like to deliver them to using RightScale Cloud Management Platform.

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Hamilton Island

Managed Co-location Services

Mark Kooper talks about the Infrastructure on the Island, hosted web sites and the impact the "The World's Greatest Job" on the site.

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Managed VMware Hosting

CTO David Higgins knew OzForex needed to outsource its hosting infrastructure to a provider capable of growing alongside them, without losing the financial brand in the crowd.

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