No Worries for Secure Parking


When two of Australia's largest parking facility operators merged and began °per.. under the Secure Parking brand, With relied on having a reliable website environment that was highly secure. The earl is to dr. online self-..., attracting payment transactions and protruding site managers at over 170 locations with the details needed to compete more aggressively.

A premium business objective for the brand Is to create a paperless environment where all transactions are done electronically. The merger with Kings Parking provided a timely opportunity. advance this goal and review Me approach to website operations, hosting and technical support services.

To ensure critical customer service initiatives were rolled out rapidly and effectively, Secure Parking deter-mined to outsource the backend operation and security. a brand new, highly functional website environment. They Identified Sydney-based Managed Service Provide, Virtual... as providing a strong track record in securing high volume, eCommerce transaction sites.

The Challenge

Secure Parking mainMins a competitive advantage by treating every car park as a separate business with individual needs. Many operators view car parks as a commodity with I.e differentiation in operation from one site to the next. However, Secure parking, with Its marketing-rich background has developed a fresh approach wherein each site is treated as a retail environment and attention is focused on maximising local marketing and operational opportunities.