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Does your business need dedicated servers?

Some businesses find that a dedicated server system suits their needs best. Typical criteria include high IOPS, or unusual security requirements. Where your requirements can’t be met by a Public Cloud Provider, Offis can provide you with dedicated servers and full administrative access to run any applications you choose.

Does your business need a managed dedicated server solution?

Not all dedicated servers are created equal. Our managed servers mean you get the benefits of a dedicated server without having to manage your server. We can help you with project management, sizing the servers, allocating partitions and tuning configurations for optimal performance.

What features can you expect from an Offis Dedicated Server Solution?

Offis dedicated servers are powerful IBM System X servers. We manage the server hardware and operating system up to the application level. Typically, we’ll administer a 2-tier architecture system consisting of a Web front-end and back-end database protected by custom firewalls. Features of our servers include:

  • Intel Multi Core based servers running Windows or Linux.
  • Remote console access and Secure file transfer.
  • Predictive Failure Analysis® technology pro-actively notifies technicians of issues with memory, processors, hard drives, fans and power so they can be fixed before they affect performance or interrupt service.
  • All servers use dual power supplies and all hard drives use SSDs or RAID1 (mirror) or RAID5 (stripe) with one hot spare or RAID10 (mirror + stripe).
  • Replacement parts are kept on site in case of hardware failure.
  • IBM Blade Centre technology.

What benefits will you get from an Offis Dedicated Server Solution?

Dedicated servers mean increased bandwidth and reliability, security and control. When your dedicated servers are provided and managed by Offis, you get:

  • A range of server models configured to customer requirements.
  • High availability, flexibility, scalability and manageability.

Contact Offis now to talk about what a dedicated server solution can do for your business.

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