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Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

With the Cloud Management Platform you can:

  • Leverage a unified multi-cloud UI and API that abstracts diverse cloud APIs and behaviors.
  • Gain visibility into all your cloud usage with actionable information that lets you reduce costs, improve infrastructure efficiency and close security holes.
  • Group resources by tier, service or application with deployments to enable contextual visibility.
  • Utilise tags to organise, automate and report on resources.

Design Portable, Multi-Cloud Service Configurations

Offis can develop template that are reusable infrastructure blueprints to work across public and private clouds as well as virtualised environments. Built with images hat provide portability across many cloud providers, ServerTemplates integrate version control, auditing and extensible variable inputs.

With the Cloud Management Platform you can:

  • Transition to cloud fast with an extensive marketplace of ServerTemplates for commonly used technologies.
  • Create standardised architectures that meet corporate guidelines for versions, patches, and configuration.
  • Leverage your favorite scripting tools and configuration management systems — Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Bash and Powershell.

Orchestrate Large Globally Distributed Systems

Update exactly the resources you need to with an orchestration engine that can automate deployment and management across fleets of servers.

With the Cloud management Platform you can:

  • Trigger automation and notifications with alerts and escalations.
  • Optimise performance with server and application monitoring.
  • Reduce downtime with automated backups, assisted failover, auto-scaling arrays and rapidly deployed disaster recovery (DR) environments.
  • Improve security by quickly rolling out patches across your operating cloud servers. Control access across clouds, data centers and tenants.
  • Segregate access and reporting across your organisations with a hierarchy that maps to your business units and divisions.
  • Maintain compliance and track changes across application configurations, compute, storage and network.
  • Improve governance with Role Based Access Control (RBAC) across all of your cloud accounts.
  • Control costs with chargeback and show-back reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Increase agility with best-practice architectures.
  • Gain visibility across your public and private clouds.
  • Create portable workloads with Server Templates.
  • Automate deployment, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Govern cloud usage and audit for compliance.

As a leader in Multi-Cloud Managed Services and Application Hosting, Offis delivers reliable, secure and scalable solutions to Australian businesses.

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