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Why Cloud Managed Services?

What can Cloud Managed Services do for your business? With Cloud Managed Services from Offis, scalable, agile managed environments allow efficient allocation of workloads. We can:

  • Refine cloud computing strategies and plans
  • Develop business cases
  • Undertake technical planning and design
  • Implement Cloud services and integrate them back to on-premises systems
  • Provide managed services and support across disparate infrastructure environments

Offis has been offering Cloud Solutions to businesses for two decades. We’re one of Australia’s longest-running web systems and applications hosting providers. Our latest Cloud Managed Services offering provides a smooth journey to the Cloud, and ensures a seamless transition.

What are the benefits of adopting Cloud?

The benefits to businesses of adopting Cloud services can be significant, including:

  • Increased flexibility and scalability;
  • Speed of access to infrastructure and consequently speed to market with new and improved services;
  • Improved service availability; and
  • Cost savings

Do you want the advantages of Cloud without the drawbacks?

Cloud services offer many significant advantages to businesses. But cloud services have to be managed. Our expert team can help you negotiate the challenges of operating with a Hybrid Cloud business solution:

  • Access to required expertise;
  • Integration with systems and services housed in their own or other data centres; 
  • Security, integration and data sovereignty;
  • Governance and control

To mitigate the challenges and reap the benefits that Cloud services offer, CIOs and Executives need access to people who can help them to refine their cloud computing strategies and plans and integrate them with existing services.

To learn what Cloud managed Services can mean for your business, contact Offis today!

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