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Managed Private Cloud brings you the advantages of private cloud computing, without the IT work. That frees your business to work on what you’re good at - delivering to your customers - while Offis takes care of your infrastructure needs.

We’ll comprehensively manage your private cloud network. Our team of experts will operate and monitor your data centres and assist with deployment of applications and environments. We provide:

  • Experienced project managers
  • Solution and infrastructure architects
  • Security specialists 
  • Expert engineering

If you want the security, power and compliance of private cloud without the burden of IT tasks, Offis can help.

  • Rapidly deployable and scalable
  • Fully managed 
  • No-one else has access to your servers
  • Workload allocation flexibility

What features can I expect from Offis Managed Private Cloud?

Our Managed Private Cloud provides improved cost-effectiveness, security and guaranteed uptime through multiple redundancies. You can expect:

  • Network security through secure firewalls, VLANs and ID/IPS
  • Automatic software updates, patches, and maintenance
  • High availability through custom managed cloud architecture
  • Customisable hardware deployment and performance
  • Planning and design of tailored Private Cloud solutions
  • Active maintenance and optimisation from our expert team

What benefits do I gain from Offis Managed Private Cloud?

Our expert team will help you design and implement a Managed Private Cloud solution that fits your business needs. You’ll get:

  • Security for mission-critical applications and sensitive business data
  • Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities
  • Agile, responsive and efficient infrastructure
  • Reduced IT expenditure
  • Flexible, scalable, on-demand service

To find out how our Managed Private Cloud is the IT solution for your business, contact Offis today!

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