SMART Cloud SolutionsCloud Self-Service

educe Development Cycles and Increase Agility

Enable developers and business unit managers to quickly and easily provision workloads, removing both the delays and manual repetitive labour of existing processes. Enterprise IT organisations define a catalogue of cloud applications to enforce standards and govern cloud usage. The self-service portal enables users to deploy and manage their own cloud applications, track costs and set automated shutdown schedules to optimise spend.

With Multi-Cloud Self-Service Portal you can:

  • Provide on-demand access to cloud resources.
  • Offer a catalog of corporate standard technologies.
  • Support major public and private clouds as well as internal virtualised environments.

Eliminate Manual Work with Automation and Orchestration

By enabling end users to request cloud resources through the Multi Cloud Self-Service portal and automating the fulfillment of common requests and processes, IT teams can eliminate time-consuming routine tasks. They can reduce the overhead associated with the myriad handoffs needed to provision and manage compute, storage and network resources.

With Multi-Cloud Self-Service Portal you can:

  • Automate application deployment and management throughout its lifecycle.
  • Support sophisticated workflows to launch complex applications.
  • Orchestrate operations and integrate with enterprise systems.

Drive Down Spend with Built-in Cost Controls

Enable end users to compare the costs of various cloud resource pools and make decisions that will increase cost efficiency. Combining that with automated policies that guide cloud choices provides a significant opportunity for enterprises to balance functional requirements and cost profiles across all of their cloud resource pools.

The built-in Cost Controls enable you to:

  • Provide cost visibility to developers, cloud users, central IT and finance teams.
  • Eliminate waste through scheduled shutdowns.
  • Track costs using the Cloud Analytics portal.

Reduce Risks with Policy-Based Governance

A curated catalogue enables IT to create a sanctioned, governed and managed process for cloud use across both internal and external resource pools. Cloud architects, security experts and IT teams can implement:

  • Technology and security standards
  • Control access to clouds and resources
  • Manage and control costs
  • Ensure complete visibility and audit trails across all cloud deployments

Policy-Based Controls enable you to:

  • Define access controls for cloud usage.
  • Set policies for available clouds, instance types and options.
  • Maintain a centralised, standardised service catalogue that meets corporate guidelines for versions, patches and configurations.

Key Benefits

  • Increase agility and reduce development cycles.
  • Reduce complexity of provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure.
  • Increase IT efficiency and eliminate manual work.
  • Drive down spend with built-In cost controls.
  • Reduce risks with policy-based governance.

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