Multiple Plays in Cloud: Where is Cloud and Infrastructure Headed?

Offis CEO, Chy Chuawiwat takes a look at the multiple ways business’ are using infrastructure and moving to cloud.

The Transformation Play: Reborn in the Cloud.

Large organisations often need to run mission critical applications using multi clouds.

A transformation play involves taking existing applications with a re-architect for the cloud. This includes horizontal scaling and separating applications from data that can fail over to another cloud. This is a rewrite of the application to make it reborn in the cloud!

Shifting to the Cloud: The Pick up and Move

Many organisations need to migrate to the cloud in a move more like a shift as opposed to transformation.

A shift the cloud is often motivated by the need to

-       Remove hardware from office floor space

-       Reduce capital expenditure.

-       Put servers in global locations.

-       Act with low cost and fast adoption.

Mission Critical for Small Business: What if the building burned down?

Small business owners are looking to the cloud to run mission critical applications. This enables business owners to continue using pre packaged off the shelf applications run on their own premises, but with piece of mind for key applications.

From must run applications in the cloud to I’ll go to the cloud if something happens, talk to Chy and the team at Offis about a cloud solution for your business.