25 September 2014

Usability Engineering for ISVs

UX for Building Business Apps.

What is the current state of play for UX and B2B application development?

Usability Engineering for ISVs 

With Craig Allen - Founder & Executive Director of Offis Cloud Services talks about the future of technology and experiences.

Renee Brack - MC introduces Brennan Hatton from Meta to present the latest in AR UX technology from Silicon Valley focusing on a new breed of business application and user experiences with Augmented Reality Eyewear called Meta 1 - AR Glasses Developer kit.

Renee moderates the expert UX panel discussion on the current state of play for UX and B to B application development.

Panel includes:
Oliver Weidlich - Mobile Experience
Dan Sorvik - Objective Digital
Tudor Goode - Goode Design
Brennan Hatton - Meta

Event Details

Location: Settlers Hall at Waterfront Restaurant, Sydney

Date: 06:00PM - 09:00PM, Thursday 25 September, 2014

Event Speakers

  • Dan Sorvik Research Manager - Objective Digital

    UX projects from the agency side.

  • Tudor Goode User Experience Design Professional

    Tudor is a senior user experience design professional with extensive expertise in all facets of user centred design, interaction design and information architecture. 

  • Oliver Weidlich Founder & Director of Design & Innovation at Mobile Experience

    Oliver draws on a background in psychology, experience in usability, and understanding of mobile technology to identify key issues for client business strategy and to recommend & design solutions. 

  • Brennan Hatton Pioneers Technical Coordinator at Meta

    Technical Training for Meta Developers & Meta Pioneers Support

  • Renee Brack Offis MC - TV Presenter, Writer, Producer

    A passionate storyteller, versatile journalist and content producer with TV, film, print, digital and radio credits.

  • Chy Chuawiwat CEO - Offis Cloud Service

    IT Industry since 1983 and IT Security since 2001, he started his own computer security company, P7 Security and sold it to Offis, where he's now CEO.