21 August 2014

Fashion vs Function

The Great Wearables Debate

Is Fashion more important than Function to win mass adobtion of wearable technology?
Debate Moderator - Caroline Pemberton, Chy Chuawiwat - Offis CEO, Shahe Momdjian and his team at Masters Academy. What should designers, engineers, developers, etc. focus the majority of their resources and efforts on when creating a new product?


Panel debating guests:
Ben Moir - Wearable Experiments,
Aryeh Sternberg - News Corp,
Craig Quilkey - 1MD and
David Francis - Blue Star Group and
Experiencial artist Sarah Rowan Dahl.
Showcases from Objective Experience, Silicon Memory Technologies, Page 2 and We:eX.

Event Details

Location: L'Aqua's Gold Room in Darling Harbour Sydney

Date: 06:00PM - 09:00PM, Thursday 21 August, 2014

Event Speakers

  • Aryeh Sternberg Ad Tech Innovation Manager at News Corp Australia

    It is time for brands to live digital, not just do it.

  • Caroline Pemberton Offis MC - TV Presenter, Producer

    Currently developing her own unique adventure TV series and brand; 'MissAdventure' which appeals to active women interested in adventure and action sports.

  • David Francis Augmented Reality and IoT Specialist at Kalido Australia

    Has a proven track record of deploying AR and VR campaigns in Live environments, working with premium global brands.

  • Ben Moir Snepo Director | WearableX Director | Inventor

    Ben Moir is an Electrical Engineer by training but spends most of his time as a software and solutions architect.

  • Craig Quilkey Creative Director | UX Designer | Strategist, Technologist

    A leading Digital thinker who is ahead of the curve in emerging technologies, multi-channel focused, and commercially driven.

  • Sarah Rowan Dahl Performance Painter

    She brings creativity and inspiration to corporate events, fundraisers, schools and festivals.

  • Chy Chuawiwat CEO - Offis Cloud Service

    IT Industry since 1983 and IT Security since 2001, he started his own computer security company, P7 Security and sold it to Offis, where he's now CEO.

  • Shahe Momdjian Marketing Coms │ Debating & Public speaking training │ Tech Innovation │ Director @ Young Wisdom

    I’m passionate about communication, innovation, youth empowerment and education.