Amazon Futurist - H.B. Siegel coming to Sydney

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H.B. Siegel’s current job title of Principal Investigator might sound rather mundane, like some kind of local school inspector. However, once you learn his employer is tech-giant Amazon, you know he’s not checking grade averages and lesson plans but some far more interesting concepts and ideas instead.

Siegel's amazing career spans the early days of Pixar, as well as Wavefront, SGI and Lucasfilm/Industrial Light & Magic. Throughout his career, Siegel has built upon each new breakthrough in technology to provide better user experiences and solve big technical and business problems. Today, Siegel brings his unique skills and methodology to drive innovation and change management at Amazon.

Siegel describes his role more as a futurist, exploring where technology is taking us and experimenting with what he finds to identify fresh opportunities. Over the years, Siegel has racked up over 60 US patents, transforming his ideas into highly successful commercial products.

On Thursday, December 1st 2016, Sydney-siders will have a chance to hear Siegel share his personal insights into the innovation process as he flies in to keynote a very special 40th eClub event.

Sydney cloud services company Offis has hosted eClub for over 16 years, presenting some of the best speakers and experts across a variety of fields to discuss the latest technology trends and their impact on the future of business. Today, eClub is one of the most respected technology/business innovation communities in Australia. This special 40th edition of eClub also doubles as the annual Christmas party as well as celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Offis.

Unlike previous eClub events, this keynote will not be recorded. So if you want to hear what H.B. Siegel has to say, you’ll need to

sign up for a ticket.

6:00pm—11:00pm, Thursday, December 1st 2016

Rooftop Harbourside Room, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

140 George St., The Rocks, Sydney

The event also includes fine food and drinks served throughout the evening, technology showcases, music and dancing with the legendary Craig Calhoun and the Brothers of Oz, and all the networking you can handle.

Start winding up your year with a look forward to what’s still to come. Take a glimpse into the future with H.B. Siegel and eClub.