Franck Demoiseau to lead Offis as new CEO

“Cloud hosting space ripe for disruption”

Sydney, February 02, 2016 – Franck Demoiseau is highly experienced in guiding brands through the digital age of disruption. After fifteen years with global bank BNP Paribas, Demoiseau has joined Offis as CEO to lead the Australian cloud provider through its next stages of evolution.

The cloud technology landscape continues to change and grow, becoming ever more sophisticated and diverse. While Offis continues to provide mission-critical cloud hosting—with its own powerful infrastructure based in Australia—an increasing proportion of its business is in cloud service brokerage:  consulting services; adaptable cloud strategies; and management of the broader mix of cloud vendors and technologies.

“Businesses want the confidence of knowing that their digital strategy is not compromised by biased recommendations, vendor partnerships, or technical expediency,” says Demoiseau. “Instead, they need advice and assistance to manage and maximise the effectiveness of the digital landscape across all platforms and devices. According to Forrester’s Q1 2016 Forrester Wave™ report on Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, developers are no longer using just one cloud platform. 65% of companies have already opted to use more than one public and/or private cloud platform. Being vendor agnostic at an infrastructure layer, and offering market leading multi-cloud management solutions, Offis is ideally positioned to give unbiased advice to deliver the most appropriate options, all while maintaining full flexibility across multiple clouds and technologies.” 

Any digital strategy involves solving problems and seizing opportunities. This is another area where Demoiseau believes Offis excels. “The Offis team are all highly experienced in their various fields and many have been with the company for many years. Between them, they have already solved just about any cloud-based or infrastructure challenge a client might have. Offis does so much more than simply provide technology and hosting solutions. This allows us to tap into our wide experience to deliver opportunities that benefit our clients’ businesses, such as deploying software provisioned infrastructure across private, hybrid and public clouds to deliver groundbreaking business agility.”

With so much competition in the cloud hosting space, Demoiseau predicts it is ripe for disruption. “The usual provider claims about uptime, performance, redundancy, support, and so on are the absolute minimum expectations of customers. The technology already ensures this.  So it’s not much of a value add to promise that a cloud service won’t fail quite as often as the competition does. In a constantly evolving cloud marketplace, a business’ competitive advantage relies on using that technology in more effective and cost efficient ways, while avoiding vendor lock-in and future-proofing their investment.”

About Offis

Since 1997, Offis has designed and deployed thousands of hosting services for some of the biggest brands in Australia and around the world. Today, Offis provides customised services and round-the-clock support across the entire cloud hosting strategy—from planning to implementation, management and beyond. Offis expertise and technology manages the cloud infrastructure for high profile Australian and international businesses.