Managing the Multi-Cloud: Offis’ CIO Cover Story

Franck Demoiseau - Offis CEO

Managing the Multi-Cloud: Offis' CIO Cover Story

The latest issue of APAC CIO Outlook magazine celebratesThe 25 Most Promising Managed Service Providers in 2016, with Offis CEO Franck Demoiseau leading the charge on the cover.

The magazine talks to Franck about why CIOs should adopt a multi-cloud strategy to reduce costs and seize back control over their cloud workloads. “Several years ago, it became clear to us that most enterprises would need to leverage multiple clouds for their business. So, we set out to find the best cloud management platform to orchestrate multi-cloud deployments, manage, govern and optimize applications in one or more clouds. Offis selected and became a RightScale partner in 2014.”

The article also explores many of the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy, particularly for CIOs looking for more efficient IT operation and software development/devops, lower costs and transparency of their cloud costs.

Read the full article on the changing cloud industry and how Offis is leading the way in the online edition of the magazine.