Multi-Cloud Training with Offis and RightScale

As more businesses adopt multi-cloud strategies, an increasing challenge will be finding skilled cloud managers with sufficient expertise across all of the relevant clouds and technologies.

Offis was one of the first Australian providers to partner with RightScale, the global leader in multi-cloud management. Recognising that multi-cloud skills and experience was the next big hurdle for enterprise businesses, Offis recently became the first RightScale Training Partner, with the view of bringing RightScale multi-cloud training to the Australian market for the first time.

“There is no real certification around multi-cloud,” says Bailey Caldwell, Director of Professional Services for RightScale.  “You can go get Google [training & certification]. You can go get Amazon [training & certification]. You can go get Azure [training & certification]. But there actually isn't anywhere on the planet you can go get multi-cloud [trained & certified] across all of those technologies. So I think the opportunity to bring that to market as partners with RightScale and Offis is tremendous.”

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