The Cloud Management Challenge

How your organisation can manage increasingly complex cloud deployments and deliver business outcomes

There’s no doubt cloud has changed enterprise IT, but with that transformation has come significant new challenges. Which cloud provider best matches your IT needs, or should you choose multiple providers? Will you be able to shift to other providers as the market evolves? What mix of public and private cloud best suits your organisation now and in the future? How do you migrate legacy applications, deliver forecast cost benefits and achieve greater agility? How do you manage increasingly complex cloud deployments?

iTnews, in conjunction with multi-cloud management services provider Offis, sought to understand how organisations are addressing some of these issues by undertaking a research program that included a survey of iTnews readers and a roundtable discussion of leading IT executives. The roundtable participants included CIOs and other IT leaders from organisations ranging from the Barangaroo Delivery Authority to Domain.

Our research uncovered a number of insightful findings, including:

  1. A fragmented market with wide-ranging cloud maturity.

  2. Rapidly changing attitudes, with an increasing number of CIOs considering 100% cloud a realistic goal.

  3. The ability to adopt DevOps outpointing cost reductions as the most important cloud benefit.

  4. The complexity of today’s deployments and market causing a dichotomy where costs and security are both major cloud benefits and challenges.

  5. That complexity resulting in significant cloud management challenges.

  6. Two completely different solutions to those challenges: going all-in with one cloud provider or taking a multi-vendor approach using a cloud management platform.

  7. How a multi-cloud management platform can address a number of cloud challenges, including cost control, availability and disaster recovery, legacy applications, data sovereignty and compliance.

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