Telstra RightScale Deal Confirms a Multi-Cloud Future

Telstra has announced it will be launching a new cloud management platform next month. RightScale—a major Offis partner and global leader in hybrid and multi-cloud management—will power the new Telstra Cloud Management service.

RightScale discusses the new Telstra partnership on their blog as a demonstration of how major telcos and other MSPs are rapidly adopting the multi-cloud to expand their capabilities and scale their services.

Offis is singled out for particular mention as an example of an MSP turning the multi-cloud into a cost-efficient reality for more businesses.

Based in Australia, Offis works with software vendors, digital agencies, and large brands managing mission-critical applications and web sites. Offis is cloud-vendor agnostic, and therefore ideally placed to give unbiased advice and to deliver the most appropriate options to customers, maintaining full flexibility across multiple clouds and technologies, thus allowing its clients to future-proof their investment.

As Franck Demoiseau, CEO, Offis, says, “A true innovator, RightScale is building things we haven’t thought of yet that are incredibly useful for our customers and meeting all of our very high demands for multi-cloud management.”

You can read the full article here: RightScale - How telcos and other MSPS are succeeding in Cloud