Hybrid Cloud: The 60-Second Overview of RightScale

Brad Burrows - Director of Professional Services at Offis interviews Bailey Caldwell - VP of Professional Services at RightScale

Brad: We're here with Bailey Caldwell from RightScale. Bailey's the Director of Professional Services for RightScale. Welcome, Bailey, to Australia. Thanks, Bailey. So give us the 60-second overview of RightScale.

Bailey: Thanks for having me. RightScale is a cloud management platform. We started when Amazon launched. We were actually the first web front end to AWS. And early on, our CTO and founder, Thorsten von Eicken, realized that cloud represented a new way to bring IT services to market. So since then, we've been busy working away on our platform and developing cloud services and cloud management capabilities across what is now known as hybrid cloud.

Brad: Given that you've been in Australia now for a few weeks, what insights do you have for us on the differences between the US and Australian markets?

Bailey: Yeah. That's a good question, Brad. You know, it's been interesting for me, because I've been here a year and a half ago. You and I met back then, and also RightScale's actually been in country for four or five years now. So we had some personnel in country years ago. That was maybe a little bit early. I think what strikes me as most interesting about the Australian market is I think you guys have a really good talent in terms of observing what's happening in the broader market.

While it may feel like you're late to hybrid cloud or cloud services in general, I think it's kind of at the sweet spot in terms of timing. Because, look, we've been doing this for nine years. So a lot of the scars of early adoption have been absorbed by ourselves and many other companies. And you've seen those examples happen, things from early adopters of OpenStack, which hasn't necessarily produced all the results that they want, to security breaches, to other challenges that are, frankly, getting easier and easier to solve for.

So in my mind, when I look at the Australian market, I see a really good opportunity for a broad scale move to cloud, based on all of the painful learnings of other parts of the world in terms of cloud services.