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Carmichael Fisher: Saved From Disaster

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Matthew Mitchell
Carmichael Fisher

Offis managed to recover us from looming disaster and keep us online.

“We are non-IT people. So we rely on outsourced providers to give us the direction."

However, Matthew Mitchell of Carmichael Fisher needed more than just a bit of advice and direction when the business was on the brink of disaster. "We were in a bit of a mess. We had a failing database and a failing network link between Sydney and Melbourne and the whole lot was about to collapse." Mitchell reached out to OffisOffis. The team examined the situation and devised a detailed plan to not only deal with the existing problems but also provide greater stability and flexibility in the future. "Over a very busy weekend, they managed to recover us from looming disaster and keep us online. We were lucky to have them.

"We’re running nine offices in six timezones. That gives us only a small window when you can take the whole lot offline, change it over to the new system and get it back online. And they did it. We couldn’t have done it without them."

Today, Carmichael Fisher has far more flexibility. The nature of the business means that new offices can pop up anywhere in the global with just a few days notice. “If that’s next Wednesday, we call Offis on the Friday and say ‘this is happening. Can you get this office up and running.”

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