23 July 2015

AWS vs Azure

Best Practices Revealed

Amazon Web Services was the first public cloud to open in Australia in 2013 with two Availability Zones in Sydney. Microsoft Azure opened in Sydney & Melbourne in 2014. Offis compared IaaS resources & key IaaS+ services such as High-Availability, Network Topology, 3-Tier Application Best Practices, On-Premises Integration and Multi Cloud Management.


Data centre locations - Global foot print
Compute – CPU, RAM
Storage – Size and speed
Networking – VPNs/ DNSs etc.
Database & Data Warehousing  
Other key services – Identity & Security
Workload Placement Concepts
Continuous Delivery
Design Concepts
Integration to on Premises

eClub is one of the most respected information technology and business innovation communities in Sydney. Offis has been presenting eClub events for well over ten years and attracts a vibrant audience of IT and business professionals. As well as great presentations there is also plenty of opportunity to network before and after the talks. 


Event Details

Location: CBD Hotel

Date: 05:30PM - 09:00PM, Thursday 23 July, 2015

Event Speakers

  • Phanh Phengsavath Operations Director - Offis Cloud Services

    Business Dev, Operations, Strategy, Business Analyst, Prince2 Project Management, Network Infrastructure, Complex Applications and web Hosting, IT Solutions Architect, IT Management.

  • Renee Brack Offis MC - TV Presenter, Writer, Producer

    A passionate storyteller, versatile journalist and content producer with TV, film, print, digital and radio credits.

  • Chy Chuawiwat CEO - Offis Cloud Service

    IT Industry since 1983 and IT Security since 2001, he started his own computer security company, P7 Security and sold it to Offis, where he's now CEO.

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