28 March 2013

eClub #31 March 2013

Innovation and Breakthrough Technologies

80+ IT professionals gathered to network, share and explore new business opportunities with energetic and dynamic discusion throughout the night.

Ricky Robinson, our guest speaker from NICTA, gave us A Taste of the Digital Innovation.
Craig Allen, founder and CTO at Virtual.Offis talked about Memristors in the fourth dimension.
Anurag Prasad from Verizon Business, presented Innovation in Cybercrime.

Event Details

Location: CBD Hotel Sydney

Date: 05:30PM - 08:30PM, Thursday 28 March, 2013

Event Speakers

  • Caroline Pemberton Offis MC - TV Presenter, Producer

    Currently developing her own unique adventure TV series and brand; 'MissAdventure' which appeals to active women interested in adventure and action sports.

  • Craig Allen Executive Chairman

    Craig founded Offis in 1997 and is a highly regarded thought and technology leader in Multi-Cloud Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.