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OzForex: Growing Together in Partnership

Managed VMware Hosting

David Higgins

We didn't want to be just another small customer for a large hosting provider.

OzForex relies on stable web hosting to manage numerous financial transactions involving millions of dollars. But the business realised their hosting was an area in need of urgent improvement. 

“Being such a critical part of what we did, and requiring such specialist skills and knowledge, we decided that [hosting] was an obvious candidate to outsource.”

But David was looking for a particular type of provider to partner with his business. “We’d been with another provider and we outgrew them. The pace of the company and our rate of growth wasn’t matched by what they could provide.”

At the same time, David was aware that choosing a much larger provider would bring a different set of issues. “We didn’t want to be lost in the crowd. We didn’t want to become another small customer for a large hosting provider.”

David and OzForex chose Offis for their ability to scale with them as the business grew. Each hosting issue is tackled as a partnership, designing each part of the strategy to suit the unique needs of the growing business. 

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