One of the most respected technology/business innovation communities, eClub events have been presenting the latest in technology and future trends regularly for over 15 years. eClub events seek to explore and discuss technology trends and their impact on the future of business.

The growth of digital banking has brought about a shift towards an online banking experience, providing an opportunity for banks, mutual banks & credit unions to innovate. We've assembled a virtual panel of FSI experts from Xinja Bank, APRA and Microsoft to share their insights on going digital including: the customer experience, regulations and risks to consider for digital transformation.


Our end of year Xmas event is the Offis eClub Xmas Party

This year’s theme - Future Shock: Are you the Innovator or the Disrupted?

eClub is one of Sydney's premier IT community events series spanning well over a decade and delivering the latest information, insights and discussions with IT industry professionals. eClub Xmas Party combines Offis communities, SkunkMonk and ISV Speakeasy to deliver a gala end of year business event for all to enjoy.


Amazon Web Services was the first public cloud to open in Australia in 2013 with two Availability Zones in Sydney. Microsoft Azure opened in Sydney & Melbourne in 2014. Offis compared IaaS resources & key IaaS+ services such as High-Availability, Network Topology, 3-Tier Application Best Practices, On-Premises Integration and Multi Cloud Management.