Offis hosts a number of events including eClub, which discusses technology and future trends, to ISV SpeakEasy, SkunkMonk events for creative technologists, and Digital Agency briefings. We always seek to discuss technology trends, with movers and shakers, and there impact on the future of business.

The growth of digital banking has brought about a shift towards an online banking experience, providing an opportunity for banks, mutual banks & credit unions to innovate. We've assembled a virtual panel of FSI experts from Xinja Bank, APRA and Microsoft to share their insights on going digital including: the customer experience, regulations and risks to consider for digital transformation.


Mobile Mayhem: Evolution or Revolution? Ric Holland and Renée Brack introduce and mediate the SkunkMonk panel discussion on whether or not Mobile Mayhem has resulted from digital evolution or revolution. Topics included - Mobile Advertising, Social Trends, Hardware platforms, Product Innovation, Wearable Tech, Big Data, Cloud, UX, AR, AI, NFC, Mobile Health Management, Field Force, Location and Context targeting.


Hybrid IT & Cloud Computing were key IT trends in 2013 reported from industry leading authorities such as Adobe and AIMIA (Australia Interactive Media Industry Association)