Offis hosts a number of events including eClub, which discusses technology and future trends, to ISV SpeakEasy, SkunkMonk events for creative technologists, and Digital Agency briefings. We always seek to discuss technology trends, with movers and shakers, and there impact on the future of business.

We're excited to announce our new Offis opening on Jones Bay Wharf, and delighted to invite you to join in our celebration.

Throughout the afternoon, we will be serving bubbles on our balcony, delicious canapés, fine wines & beverages and good company. Our team is looking forward to celebrating with you.



Marketing Automation

Marketing departments are dependent on technology to drive their critical online, social, and mobile marketing initiatives. Increasingly they are turning to Cloud Computing to provide the speed and scale necessary to support successful campaigns.


Amazon Web Services was the first public cloud to open in Australia in 2013 with two Availability Zones in Sydney. Microsoft Azure opened in Sydney & Melbourne in 2014. Offis compared IaaS resources & key IaaS+ services such as High-Availability, Network Topology, 3-Tier Application Best Practices, On-Premises Integration and Multi Cloud Management.